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2 x Zipper slider #3, Decorative, Metal, Brass
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Green set Kashmir
1 x Gift coupon 30 €
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and White Set
1 x Vliesofix® - Double-sided adhesive fleece
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Mahonia
1 x Cotton fabric SRK Lime, Blue Floral Mesh
1 x Cotton fabric KD Orange Canvas
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Cream Set
1 x Patchwork Courses schedule
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Rainbow Stripes
1 x Endless zip #3 red 287
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red Set Gingerbread
1 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Small Dots, Light
1 x Tea Cozy - Blue
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Lamb
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Lotus
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami / Green and White
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Limet, Flower Garden
1 x Endless zip #3 yellow 111
1 x Endless zip #3 white
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Grey, White Flowers
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Grey Set
1 x Endless zip #3 steel gray 319
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Rainbow Starlets
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Brownish Grey
1 x Course gift coupon
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Limet, Flowers
1 x Button, Numeral 0 white
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Tailoring
1 x Cotton fabric KD Cream Canvas
1 x Endless zip #3 rhododendron 178
1 x Endless zip #3 lilac 165
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - blue
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Tulip
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack RFQ051
1 x Button, Spool
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Red Set 6pcs
1 x Endless zip #3 brown 290
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK White, azure circles
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Flowery
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