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Vliesofix® - Double-sided adhesive fleece Vliesofix® - Double-sided adhesive fleece 0.39€ Buy Now

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2 x Endless zip #5 black
2 x Tea Cozy - Violet
1 x Jingle Bell gold 7.5mm
2 x Vliesofix® - Double-sided adhesive fleece
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Pink, Flowers
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO light cream 0779
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Limet, Flower Garden
1 x A thread for hand quilting 2346
1 x Gift coupon 30 €
1 x Rick Rack, pink
1 x Button, Spool
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO black 4000
1 x A thread for hand quilting 5114
1 x Galloon 7mm, Yellow Flowers, Satin
1 x Button, Frog
1 x A thread for hand quilting 3832
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Meadow, blue
1 x Rick Rack, dark blue
1 x Endless zip #3 olive green 263
1 x Cotton fabric KD Olive, Small Dots
1 x Rick Rack, banana
1 x Galloon 7mm, Cream Flowers, Satin
1 x Big Golden Star, Fine
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO bijou blue 0311
1 x Jingle Bell gold 5mm
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Loves me - Loves me not
1 x Jingle Bell silver 10mm
1 x Pillowcase, Red and grey Christmas star, Climber
1 x Jingle Bell gold 20mm
1 x Endless zip #3 brown 290
1 x Cats Eyes for Toys, Green, Sew-On 14mm
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Canvas, Wallpaper
1 x Safety Eyes for Toys, Brown, Inserting, 12mm
1 x Plastic Beads, Red 10mm
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Dragon's eye
1 x Endless zip #3 yellow 111
1 x Rick Rack, beige
1 x Safe Nose for Toys 15mm
1 x Textile Fibre Pom Pom Ball, Red
1 x Cotton fabric KD Black Canvas
1 x A thread for hand quilting 3526
1 x Endless zip #3 lilac 165
1 x A thread for hand quilting 4932
1 x Textile Fibre Pom Pom Ball, White
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Limet, Flowers
1 x Pillowcase, Red and grey Christmas star, Tree needles
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO cream 3000
1 x Dotted Yellow Ribbon Bow with Rose
1 x Button, striped, red and white
1 x Rick Rack, green 18mm
1 x Cotton fabric SRK Lime, Blue Floral Mesh
1 x Green Ribbon Bow with a Red Rose
1 x Rick Rack, terracotta 18mm
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Brownish Grey
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Hearts
1 x Button with Star, Red and White
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Geometric - green
1 x Dragonfly
1 x Pink Ribbon Bow - Narrow
1 x Cotton fabric KD Brown, Dots
1 x Plastic Beads, Claret 10mm
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Turquoise, Checky
1 x Rick Rack, violet
1 x A thread for hand quilting 5133
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