Endless zip #3 white, Patchwork Hobby Art


Endless zip #3 white

Endless white-coloured zipper suitable for handbags and bags, patchwork sewing. We offer the matching zipper sliders too.
Zipper type: Visible polyester coil zipper.
Size #3.Cost per meter.

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23 x Cotton fabric CZL Beige Garden
25 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Dots
23 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Flowers, Dark
26 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Small Dots
18 x Cotton fabric KD Sand Canvas
23 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige Branches
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Posy
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Small Dots
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Pepito
23 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas
22 x Cotton fabric KD Rowanberry
26 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige dots
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Parsley
23 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Flowers, Light
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Stars
25 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas, Post a Rose
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Checky
19 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Floral
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Snowflakes
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5 x Cotton fabric OA Deep Red, Floral - White
4 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Red Wine
7 x Cotton fabric uni OA Red
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Rice
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Bear - red
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Red Starlets
28 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red Christmas
28 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Embro Snowflakes
24 x Cotton Fabric Christmas CZL Red, Ornament
18 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Red Cornflower
31 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Hearts
18 x Cotton fabric CZL Stylized Flowers
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, White Snowflakes
26 x Cotton fabric KD Red Checky
28 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Dots
24 x Cotton Fabric Christmas OAP Red, Stardust
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Golden Snowflakes
26 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Mahonia
19 x Cotton fabric CZL Red, Stars
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, White Starlets
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Little Baroque
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Red, Stripes
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Snowflakes I.
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Marble
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Country
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Canvas, Wallpaper
7 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Kashmir
5 x Cotton fabric OA Red Canvas
15 x Cotton fabric KD Red, Small Dots
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Cream, Stars
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Poinsettia
1 x Cotton fabric KD Steel Dots on White
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Mahonia
13 x Cotton fabric CZL Violet Canvas
11 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Violet
13 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Medium Lilac
13 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac, Patchwork
13 x Cotton fabric CZL Lavander Canvas
11 x Cotton fabric OAP Lavander, Dots
11 x Cotton fabric CZL Violet, Stars
13 x Cotton fabric OAP Lila, Circles
13 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Violet Garden
13 x Cotton fabric CZL Lavander, Flowers
18 x Cotton fabric KD Pink Poppy on White
1 x Flower Head Pins Fine ø 0,45mm (2510)
2 x Glass-headed Pins Extra Long (10291550)
4 x Cotton fabric SB White, Posy
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Powder Starlets
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Rose Circles
4 x Cotton fabric SB Pink, Checky
4 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Deep Rose
21 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Pepito
21 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Dots
24 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Circles on White
24 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Butterflies
21 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Forget-me-not
24 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Garden on White
11 x Cotton fabric OAP Magenta, Rice
15 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac Retro
18 x Cotton fabric CZL Old Rose, Meadow
17 x Cotton fabric OAP Cashmere
14 x Cotton fabric OAP Old Rose, Bows
21 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Flowers on White
20 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose
17 x Cotton fabric Checky - pink
14 x Cotton fabric OAP Powder pink, Flowery
14 x Cotton fabric OAP Pink, Posy
17 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Wallpaper
19 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Canvas
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Powder, Starlets
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Vintage, Floral, Rose
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Rose, Circles
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Pink Flora
4 x Cotton fabric SB Cream, Roses
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - pink
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - blue
1 x Dressmaking Shears 210mm, Blue (V5210B)
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK White, green circles
1 x Cotton fabric SRK Lime, Blue Floral Mesh
1 x Cotton fabric KD Green, Flowers
1 x Cotton fabric KD Light Blue Hearts
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