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Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ154

Pack of six thematically corresponding 45x50cm fabric pieces; 1m of 140cm wide fabric altogether. Six different fabric designs which are not repeating in the pack. For exact fabric designs used, please refer to the additional picture below.

Colours: shades of blue color plus white. Small print fabrics suitable for patchwork. 100% Cotton.

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1 x Button with Star, Red and White
1 x Button, Flowers
1 x Button, Frog
1 x Button, Numeral 0 white
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1 x Button, Numeral 7 white
3 x Button, Numeral 8 white
3 x Button, striped, red and white
3 x Button, Rotary Cutter
3 x Button, Spool
2 x Button, Sunflower
2 x After the Dance Cloth Doll Pattern
2 x Press Fasteners, Auto Moto, ø15mm
2 x Button, Snowflake, red and white
7 x Cats Eyes for Toys, Green, Sew-On 14mm
12 x Felt Wool, Dk. Green
12 x Felt Wool, Red
6 x Course gift coupon
6 x Gift coupon 20 €
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8 x Patchwork Courses schedule
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Dragon's eye
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Halloween
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Inifnity in Heart
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Lotus
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Loves me - Loves me not
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Monogram
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Perun's Flower
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Tulip
1 x Safe Nose for Toys 15mm
1 x Safety Eyes for Toys, Brown, Inserting, 9mm
1 x Safety Eyes for Toys, Brown, Inserting, 12mm
3 x Refill Needle Set for Felting Needle Tool
3 x Felt Wool, Colour scale I.
3 x Felt Wool, Colour scale II.
3 x Natural Wool Roving, Moss Green, Clover 7922
1 x Galloon 10mm, Red Flowers, Satin
1 x Galloon 10mm, Yellow Flowers, Satin
1 x Galloon 7mm, Cream Flowers, Satin
1 x Galloon 7mm, Red Flowers, Satin
1 x Galloon 7mm, White Flowers, Satin
1 x Galloon 7mm, Yellow Flowers, Satin
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Yellow 1
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Green Leaves, Satin
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Gold
1 x Ribbon 25mm, LEA with Wire
1 x Ribbon 3mm, Light green
1 x Rick Rack, banana
1 x Rick Rack, beige
1 x Rick Rack, dark blue
1 x Rick Rack, dark green
1 x Rick Rack, Lime
1 x Rick Rack, pink
1 x Rick Rack, violet
1 x Shopping bag
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami 12
1 x Pillowcase, Christmas-tree, Brown and blue
1 x Pillowcase, Reindeer, Blue
2 x Wreath, Origami 2
1 x Chicken, textile decoration
1 x Egg Basket - green
1 x Egg Basket - Red
1 x Egg Basket - Yellow
1 x Potholder with a Bird - Red R
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Black
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Brown
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Lilac
1 x Tea Cozy - Orange and Green
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Red
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Yellow
1 x Tea Cozy - Brown and Red
1 x Tea Cozy - Green
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Brown
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ141
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ143
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ144
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 6
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 7
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 8
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 9
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1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ109
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1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ131
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ152
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ153
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ154
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ155
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ156
1 x Lace, 12mm Torchon
1 x Lace, 12mm Torchon, Cream
1 x Ribbon 14mm, Red and Green and Gold with Wire
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Green and Yellow
1 x Ribbon 35mm, Golden with Wire
1 x Cotton Ribbon Set, Sewing
1 x Cotton Ribbon Set, Handmade
1 x Ribbon 6mm, Light violet, 10m
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Red
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Yellow 2
1 x Ribbon 5mm, Gold
1 x Ribbon 25mm, Gold
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Green
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Gold and White with Lurex
1 x Rick Rack, terracotta 18mm
1 x Rick Rack, green 18mm
1 x Rick Rack, extra narrow
1 x Rick Rack, Raspberry
1 x Rick Rack, red 13mm
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami 10
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami 13
2 x Christmas Angel 2
2 x Christmas-tree, Origami 1
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami 15
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Red Set
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Grey Set
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Golden Set
1 x Pillowcase, Christmas Hearts
1 x Teddy Bear, Christmas, Textile Toy
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Cream Set
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red Set Classic
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red Set Gingerbread
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Green Set
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Cream Set
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Red Set 6pcs
1 x Hand Sewn Christmas Decoration
1 x Teddy Bear, Red, Textile Toy
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Poinsettia
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Mahonia
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Green Joy
1 x Teddy Bear, Pink, Textile Toy
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and White Set
1 x Tea Cozy - Rose
1 x Table Mats - Rose
1 x Tea Cozy - Blue with Circles
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