Cotton fabric OAP Cream, Heart Flower, Patchwork Hobby Art


Cotton fabric OAP Cream, Heart Flower

Cotton fabric suitable for patchwork. Heart flower design on light cream fabric base. Small print fabric. If you need thematically corresponding cotton fabrics, please see our Fabric Packs offer.

100% Cotton. Width: 140cm.
Price per 10cm, i.e one unit.

If you want to order for example 50cm, add "5" to the shopping cart.

Minimal order amount is 3 units, i.e. 30cm.

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1 x Cotton fabric CZL Old Rose, Meadow
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1 x Ribbon 5mm, Gold
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Green and Yellow
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Stars
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Canvas, Wallpaper
1 x Appliqué Needles No. 9 (497/09)
1 x A thread for hand quilting 0956
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Inifnity in Heart
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ179
1 x Rick Rack, terracotta 18mm
1 x Cotton fabric SRK Lime, Blue Floral Mesh
1 x Teddy Bear, Pink, Textile Toy
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Green set Kashmir
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Lime
3 x Pillowcase, Dresden Plate, Red
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Flowery
1 x A thread for hand quilting 2833
1 x Angel Wings, golden
1 x A thread for hand quilting 5133
1 x Pin-cushion Heart, yellow and pink
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CAP Green, Stardust
1 x A thread for hand quilting 2626
1 x Lace, 12mm Torchon, Cream
1 x Bell gold 15mm with golden ribbon
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Pink Flora
1 x Cotton fabric KD Cream Canvas
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO light cream 0779
1 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige dots
1 x Kanzashi Flower Maker (8483)
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac Retro
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO yellow 0607
1 x Cotton fabric KD Steel, Dots
1 x Button, Numeral 3 white
1 x Cotton fabric KD Orange Canvas
1 x A thread for hand quilting 6716
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric KD Summer Meadow
1 x Endless zip #3 cream 103
1 x Cotton fabric UH White and Red
1 x Stencil - Mandala (610 101)
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ138 A
1 x Bell silver 15mm
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack RFQ051
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Rice
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac, Patchwork
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ175
1 x Cotton fabric KD Brown Garden on White
1 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Petrol Blue
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Black, Circles
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Strawberry
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Fruits
1 x Refill Needle Set for Felting Needle Tool
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Garden of Paradise
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Tulip
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Little Baroque
1 x Sewing machine oil 20 ml Prym (611 998)
1 x Ribbon 25mm, LEA with Wire
1 x A thread for hand quilting 7918
1 x Endless zip #3 beige 308
1 x Endless zip #3 red 287
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Blue Hibiscus
1 x Button, Numeral 0 white
1 x Bobbin Box (611 980)
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