Cotton fabric Christmas CAP White, Stardust, Patchwork Hobby Art


Cotton fabric Christmas CAP White, Stardust

Christmas fabric with a golden print. Cotton fabric suitable for patchwork. White fabric with golden dust.
If you need thematically corresponding cotton fabrics, please see our Fabric Packs offer.

100% Cotton. Width: 140cm.
Price per 10cm, i.e one unit.

If you want to order for example 50cm, add "5" to the shopping cart.

Minimal order amount is 3 units, i.e. 30cm.

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1 x Cotton fabric CZL Old Rose, Meadow
2 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Red Set 6pcs
1 x Plastic Beads, Claret 10mm
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Irregular Grey and Sand Dots
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Pink, Flowers
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red Set Gingerbread
2 x Teddy Bear, Pink, Textile Toy
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Sky, Color Dots
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Beige Garden
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Small Dots
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami / Grey and White, Small
2 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - pink
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Nutty Brown, Dots
2 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Pink Flora
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Rusty canvas
1 x Flax thread
1 x Cotton fabric SB Blue, Hibiscus, Light
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Sky
1 x Cotton fabric SB Brown, Hibiscus
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Herbarium
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Turquoise, Perun
2 x Endless zip #3 lilac 165
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Brownish Grey
1 x Cotton fabric KD Blue Checky
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Green, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, White Starlets
2 x Gift coupon 20 €
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Black Flowers
1 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Green Set
1 x After the Dance Cloth Doll Pattern
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lime, Leaves
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Black, Dots
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Lotus
1 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac Retro
1 x Cotton fabric KD Green, Small Dots
1 x Cutting Mat for Patchwork 18 x 24inch (45 x 60cm) - (611 467)
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP White, White, Jingle Bells
2 x Gift coupon 30 €
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Halloween
1 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Monogram
1 x Starter Set "Sewing" Prym (651 222)
1 x Endless zip #3 brown 299
1 x Plastic Beads, Red 10mm
1 x Endless zip #3 steel gray 319
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Dark Green
1 x Endless zip #6 dark red
1 x Pin-cushion Heart, orange
1 x A thread for hand quilting 4226
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Indigo, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Violet
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Black
1 x A thread for hand quilting 5114
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Medium Lilac
1 x A thread for hand quilting 2045
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami / Green and Red
1 x Cotton fabric KD Orange Canvas
1 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Violet Garden
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Yellow and Grey Roses
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Vintage, Floral, Rose
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Patchwork
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Tailoring
1 x Cotton fabric SB Cream, Roses
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lavander Flowers
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Flowery
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Fruits
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Cream, Heart Flower
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Rainbow Starlets
1 x Cotton fabric KD Summer Meadow
1 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Lime Flowers
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Sky Hearts
1 x Handbag frame clasp, Angulated, Gold, 18cm
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Mustard Yellow, Dots
1 x A thread for hand quilting 8244
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Rainbow Stripes
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