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Warranty and Sales returns:
A 24-month warranty applies to all goods. This warranty does not apply for faults caused by mechanical damage to the goods, improper handling or use, or use in inappropriate conditions. The sales return has to be placed within 3 days from the day of receival of the goods, via postal service or e-mail. The sales return must contain information about the nature of damage or faults and a copy of sales invoice or cash ticket. The returned goods have to be enclosed in the original packaging. The seller is obliged to deal with the return immediately, or within 3 days in complicated cases. This time, however, does not include the time needed for a specialized fault check. The sales return must not last longer than 30 days. After this period has expired, the customer possesses equal rights as if there was a fault that cannot be removed. Send your written sales returns to this address: Dagmar Méresová, Pod Rovnicami 9, 841 05 Bratislava.

Online dispute resolution:

We do accept solving possible (buyer-seller) disputes via Online Dispute Resolution website:

Dagmar Méresová, Pod Rovnicami 9, 84105 Bratislava IV
recorded in the business register as No. Žo-2005/29973/2/Z63, No. of business register 104-18512
IČO 36926736, we are not subject to VAT payment

Dagmar Méresová, tel. 0903 212 356

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13 x Christmas-tree, Origami 3
6 x Bell silver 10mm
6 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Loves me - Loves me not
8 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Perun's Flower
12 x Cotton fabric KD Light Blue, Small Dots
5 x Cotton fabric CZL Stylized Flowers
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas OA Green, Dots
10 x Endless zip #3 blue 275
8 x Quilting Needles Between 5/10
11 x Chalk Wheel Stick Prym Love (610 958)
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Yellow, Dots
8 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ141
4 x Cone and Spool Stand (611 769)
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas, Post a Rose
4 x Zipper slider #3, Decorative, Metal, Brass
5 x Cartridge Pencil, Extra fine 0,9mm Prym Love (610 848)
9 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and White Set
4 x Bell gold 15mm with golden ribbon
5 x Jingle Bell gold 5mm
7 x Cotton fabric KD Brown, Checky
11 x Endless zip #3 salmon 155
11 x Wreath, Origami 2
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Green Leaves, Satin
2 x Ribbon 25mm, LEA with Wire
6 x Cotton fabric KD Brown Dots on White
6 x Endless zip #6 dark blue
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ087
5 x Pen Style Needle Felting Tool
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Raspberry, Herbs
4 x A thread for hand quilting 4226
1 x Metal 3-Bar Slide, Rectangular, Nickel
6 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Red Set
7 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, White snowflakes
7 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 5
6 x Cotton fabric OAP Lime, Daisy
17 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Red Set 6pcs
6 x Endless zip #6 eggfruit
8 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Green, Uni
5 x Bell gold 10mm with apricot ribbon
6 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Monogram
7 x Zipper slider #3 plastic
7 x Endless zip #6 light brown
2 x Cotton Fabric SRK Pary - blue 1
9 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Inifnity in Heart
5 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Black
5 x Press Fasteners, Auto Moto, ø15mm
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP White, Silver Snowflakes
5 x Felt Wool, Colour scale I.
8 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Tulip
14 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red Set Gingerbread
7 x Cotton Fabric SRK Cats - blue
5 x Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 20 x 20cm (611 655)
14 x Pillowcase, Christmas Hearts
3 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Caramel, Light
6 x Quilting and Sewing Presser Foot 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch
6 x Cotton fabric KD Brown, Dots
3 x A thread for hand quilting 7325
12 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ145
7 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green marble
3 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Lavander
6 x CHENILLE Needles No. 24 (234/24)
4 x Aqua Glue Marker Prym (987 185)
8 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Halloween
9 x Felt Wool, Dk. Green
8 x Endless zip #3 brown 299
3 x Cotton fabric uni OA Red
7 x Cotton fabric CZL Blue Rosetta
4 x Stencil - Ribbons (610 107)
15 x Pillowcase, Christmas-tree, Brown and blue
12 x Christmas-tree, Origami 12
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Spring Time
7 x Cotton Fabric Christmas CZL Red, Ornament
9 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 7
2 x Cotton fabric KD Red Canvas
5 x Cotton fabric KD Blue, Forget-me-not
13 x Endless zip #3 orange 158
1 x Creative fabric, printable, photo (611 930)
5 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Yellow
5 x Tracing Wheel, Toothed (610 940)
9 x Cotton Fabric SRK Geometric - green
3 x Appliqué Needles No. 9 (497/09)
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Branches
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas OA Cream, Nature
7 x Endless zip #3 red 287
7 x Dragonfly
1 x Cotton fabric KD White, Blue Circles
3 x A thread for hand quilting 0758
7 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Wine
4 x Endless zip #3 green 234
17 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Green Set
11 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 6
4 x A thread for hand quilting 7235
6 x Handbag frame clasp, Angulated, Brass, 18cm
7 x Endless zip #3 beige 308
5 x Cotton fabric KD Orange Canvas
8 x Cotton Fabric SRK Bears
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ091
10 x Cotton fabric KD Red Flowers on White
8 x Endless zip #3 rhododendron 178
1 x Cutting Mat for Patchwork 18 x 24inch (45 x 60cm) - (611 467)
6 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OA Canvas, Stars
1 x Rotary Cutter 18mm Clover (7503)
5 x Quilting needles, machine (152 930)
5 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Dragon's eye
6 x Stencil - Waves (610 100)
8 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - blue
3 x CHENILLE Needles No. 20 (234/20)
3 x Bell gold 13mm
8 x Cartridge Pencil, Extra fine 0,9mm Prym (610 840)
4 x Dotted Yellow Ribbon Bow with Rose
2 x Ribbon 14mm, Red and Green and Gold with Wire
4 x After the Dance Cloth Doll Pattern
3 x Green Ribbon Bow with a Red Rose
3 x Cotton Fabric SRK Husi - pink
4 x Needle Twister pin-cushion Prym Love (610 288)
14 x Christmas-tree, Origami 7
3 x Tea Cozy - Brown and Red
3 x A thread for hand quilting 7918
7 x Cotton fabric OAP Turquoise, Rice
3 x Angel Wings, golden
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Green, Stardust
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Old Rose, Flowers
1 x Teddy Bear, Cream, Textile Toy
11 x Endless zip #3 blue 183
16 x Christmas Angel 2
6 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Green Leaves
3 x Clip LED Light, USB, Silver
1 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Small Dots
13 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red Set Classic
7 x Zipper slider #3, Decorative, Metal, Nickel
12 x Christmas-tree, Origami 8
7 x Endless zip #5 brown
1 x Cotton fabric uni OA Limet
6 x A thread for hand quilting 1833
6 x Cotton Fabric SRK Rainbow Stripes
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Papic
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Folk I
5 x Patchwork Courses schedule
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Red Leaves
5 x Pin-cushion Heart, orange
5 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Kashmir
8 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Golden Set
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Little Prince
2 x Template for Flic-Flac patchwork
7 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Yellow
3 x Cotton fabric SB Brown, Hibiscus
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Red, Starlets
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Christmas trees
5 x Bell silver 15mm
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Cream, Stars
7 x Cotton Fabric SRK White, black dots
6 x Cotton Fabric SRK Lamb
7 x Endless zip #6 olive green
1 x Iron Finger, Clover (7802)
1 x Stencil - Mandala (610 101)
9 x Paper head 30mm
4 x Jingle Bell silver 10mm
5 x Stencil - Chain (610 108)
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK ark Blue, Flowers
2 x Felting Needle Tool with 7 Needles
2 x Easy Dresden Ruler EZ-01
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Rainbow Triangles
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Red, Stripes
2 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Flowers on White
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB White, Red Starlets
3 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Meadow
5 x Rotary Blade Refills 28mm (5028BL)
4 x Handbag frame clasp, Angulated, Smoke‑coloured, 18cm
7 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Green, Mahonia
4 x Endless zip #3 cream, floral lace
3 x Cotton fabric KD Summer Meadow
4 x Jingle Bell gold 20mm
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Pink, Flowers
9 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ144
4 x Teddy Bear, Pink, Textile Toy
5 x Bell gold 10mm
4 x Paper head 25mm
5 x Foldable Cutting Mat 45 x 60cm Prym Love (611 465)
6 x Cotton Fabric SRK White, green circles
8 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 8
6 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose
2 x Cotton fabric KD White, Old Rose Garden
4 x Shirring Gathering Sewing Machine Presser Foot
2 x Hera™ Marker (4002)
2 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Green
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack RFQ051
4 x A thread for hand quilting 2955
6 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Dots
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Pary - pink
3 x Folded Corner Clipper Ruler
2 x Plastic Beads, Gold 10mm
3 x Pink Ribbon Bow - Narrow
4 x Endless zip #3 blue 330
1 x Non-Slip Adhesive Rings for Rulers and Templates
1 x Magnetic Pin Cushion Prym Love (610 287)
4 x Table Mats - Rose
7 x Endless zip #3 olive green 295
2 x Jingle Bell gold 7.5mm
6 x Christmas-tree, Origami 10
1 x Cutting Mat for Patchwork 12 x 18inch (30 x 45cm) - (7520)
3 x Quilting Needles Between No. 8 (496/08)
5 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Brown
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Anthracite, Canvas
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Baroque
3 x Cartridge Pencil Lead Refill 0,9mm white (610 841)
4 x Teddy Bear, Turquoise, Textile Toy
6 x A thread for hand quilting 2635
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Red Leaves
1 x Cotton fabric KD Brown, Small Dots
6 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - lilac
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Sultan Flower
1 x Gold Eye Tapestry Needles No. 24 (238/24)
2 x Galloon 10mm, Yellow Flowers, Satin
9 x Endless zip #3 olive green 263
9 x Pillowcase, Reindeer, Blue
1 x Hobby Needlecraft Scissors 140mm (610 521)
1 x Rotary Blade Refill 45mm KAI
8 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Snowflakes
5 x Adger Self Erasing Pen for Textile
13 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ146
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Canvas, Golden Starlets
7 x Endless zip #3 brown 290
4 x A thread for hand quilting 2626
3 x Pin-cushion Heart, yellow and pink
3 x Endless zip #3 yellow 111
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Lilac I
1 x Slash cutter Clover (499)
3 x Tracing Paper "CLOVER CHACOPY" (434)
5 x Cotton fabric OA Green, Leaves
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Hearts
6 x Endless zip #5 black
6 x Christmas-tree, Origami 13
2 x Thread Clips KAI (N5125)
2 x Christmas - Special issue of the Svadlenka magazine
2 x A thread for hand quilting 6716
1 x Wooden Bag Handles 15
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Red stars
3 x A thread for hand quilting 5826
5 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ102
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Green
5 x Jingle Bell gold 10mm
4 x Pillowcase, Flic-flac II.
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Red Rosetta
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Stardust
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Color Starlets
3 x Chicken, textile decoration
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Red Starlets
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Sky, Daisy
7 x Endless zip #3 rose 137
4 x Cotton fabric CZL Azure, Fish Scales
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Green, Stars
2 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige dots
1 x White Marking Pen Fine (517)
4 x A thread for hand quilting 3526
5 x Cotton fabric CZL Blue, Canvas
4 x A thread for hand quilting 4434
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Dots
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Fine Snowflakes
6 x Embroidery Scissors 100mm, Fine, with Micro-Serration
2 x Bobbin Box (611 980)
4 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas, Red Mesh
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Mahonia
8 x Teddy Bear, Red, Textile Toy
4 x Cotton fabric KD Easter
2 x Cotton fabric OA Rose, Checky
4 x Walking Foot with a Guide (with lever)
1 x Appliqué Needles No. 12 (497/12)
8 x A thread for hand quilting 4932
3 x Cotton fabric OA Yellow, Checky
1 x Metal Corners 17mm Antique Brass
5 x Handbag frame clasp, Round, Brass, 16cm
3 x Cotton fabric KD Orange, Dots
6 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Pink
1 x Cotton fabric uni OA Emerald Green
3 x Endless zip #5 white
1 x Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 15 x 60cm (611 308)
2 x Cotton fabric TB Blue, Flowers
1 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Mocca
3 x Ribbon 10mm, Gold and White with Lurex
2 x Apricot Ribbon Bow - Narrow
1 x Magnetic Tote Snap Closure 19mm black
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Grey, Dots
4 x A thread for hand quilting 5114
2 x Walking Foot with a Guide (with fork arm)
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB White, Stars
5 x Cotton fabric OAP Rose, Checky
5 x Free Motion Quilting and Embroidery Presser Foot, Closed Toe
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Red, White Snowflakes
3 x Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 8 x 8 inches (611 657)
3 x Felt Wool, Colour scale II.
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Christmas Trees
5 x CHENILLE Needles No. 22 (234/22)
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Grey, Branch
2 x Textile Fibre Pom Pom Ball, White
2 x A thread for hand quilting 1938
1 x Cotton fabric KD Steel, Stars
5 x Zipper slider #3 cream
8 x Cotton Fabric SRK Bear - red
2 x Cotton fabric SB Grey, Dots
2 x A thread for hand quilting 6934
4 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD White, Snowflakes
5 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Wine & Steel
1 x A thread for hand quilting 5815
2 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Violet
5 x Creative sheet, transparent, Prym (611 144)
4 x Cotton fabric KD Pink Poppy on White
3 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Cross
2 x Ribbon 10mm, Gold
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, White Starlets
4 x A thread for hand quilting 1225
9 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Red and Cream Set
2 x A thread for hand quilting 8113
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Spring green, Tapestry
1 x Rotary Blade Refill 45mm Clover (7508)
2 x Endless zip #6 dark red
2 x Ribbon 25mm, Gold
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - pink
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Dots
2 x A thread for hand quilting 6506
5 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas
10 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Gold and Cream Set
4 x Rotary Blade Refills 18mm (7512)
1 x Hold it Precision Stiletto, Clover (7807)
1 x Kanzashi Flower Maker (8488)
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Purple, Herbs
5 x Felt Wool, Red
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Yellow, Tulips
3 x Pin-cushion Heart, green
1 x Textile Fibre Pom Pom Ball, Red
4 x Hand Sewn Christmas Decoration
1 x A thread for hand quilting 5534
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Violet, Stars
1 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Red
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Flowers
2 x Teddy Bear, Green, Textile Toy
2 x A thread for hand quilting 9837
5 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll Christmas 9
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Green, Daisy
4 x Cotton fabric CZL Mint, Dots
1 x Galloon 7mm, White Flowers, Satin
4 x A thread for hand quilting 2833
2 x Thread Cutter Pendant Prym Love (611 504)
5 x Cotton fabric CZL Yellow, Daisy
2 x Teddy Bear, Sweet Roses, Textile Toy
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Pink, Roses
4 x Cotton fabric KD Spring Meadow
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Yellow 2
2 x Tea Cozy - Blue with Circles
4 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Old Rose
5 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Baroque
3 x Jingle Bell gold 11mm
1 x Plastic Beads, Claret 10mm
5 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Olive
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Yellow, Meadow
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Orient
1 x Pillowcase, Grandmother's Garden II.
3 x Stitch Ripper, Ergonomic, Large (610 930)
6 x Endless zip #3 cream
5 x Rotary Cutter 45mm Prym - 3 Blade Set (611 368)
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Baroque
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Strawberry - blue
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Wine, White Flowers
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Snowflakes
1 x Rick Rack, extra narrow
2 x A thread for hand quilting 3117
3 x Needlecraft Scissors Double Curved 130mm / 5inch (N5130 DC)
2 x A thread for hand quilting 5133
5 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Pepito
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Yellow, Canvas
1 x Safety Pins 40mm
1 x Ribbon 5mm, Gold
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Beige Rosetta
3 x Quilt or embroidery pattern, Lotus
4 x A thread for hand quilting 2074
2 x Bell gold 10mm with silver ribbon
8 x Christmas Ball Ornaments, Grey Set
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Beige Garden
3 x Cotton fabric OAP Grey Parsley
4 x Rotary Blade Refills 28mm (7514)
4 x Cotton fabric uni OA Mustard
6 x Cotton Fabric SRK Bear - Sand
3 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Wallpaper
3 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Lilac
4 x Rotary Cutter 45mm Prym Love (610 473)
3 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Black dots
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Dark Blue, Hibiscus
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Pink, Leaves
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Green, Butterfly
1 x Bell gold 15mm
3 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Roses
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ131
5 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Red
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Color dots
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Branch
1 x Button, Spool
2 x Galloon 7mm, Red Flowers, Satin
3 x A thread for hand quilting 5725
2 x Sewing Thread ASPO chocolate 0264
4 x Stuffing tool, Small
1 x Cotton fabric OA Deep Red, Dots
4 x Rotary Circle Cutter Prym (610 471)
2 x Shopping bag
1 x Big Silver Star
3 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Circles on White
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Pink, Rosa
2 x Rick Rack, red 13mm
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Lilac Hearts
2 x Cotton Ribbon Set, Sewing
6 x Doll Needle Set (131 140)
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP White, Silver Leaves
1 x A thread for hand quilting 8244
4 x A thread for hand quilting 2346
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Cream, Snowflakes
1 x Ribbon 35mm, Golden with Wire
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Light turquoise, Little Dots
4 x Refill Needle Set for Felting Needle Tool
4 x Handbag frame clasp, Angulated, Gold, 18cm
2 x Metal Loop, Rectangular, Brass
2 x Rotating Cutting Mat, Round, Prym Love (611 469)
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Steel, Christmas Trees
1 x Endless zip #3 lilac 165
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK White, azure circles
3 x Cotton Fabric SRK Meadow, blue
2 x Galloon 7mm, Yellow Flowers, Satin
2 x Cotton fabric KD Red Checky
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Wine, Cactus
2 x Cotton Ribbon Set, Handmade
1 x Ribbon 10mm, Checkered, Green and Yellow
1 x Cartridge Pencil Lead Refill 0,5mm Yellow (5011)
2 x Cotton fabric Checky - pink
2 x Cartridge refill Aqua Glue Marker Prym (987 186)
2 x Pillowcase, Flic-flac I.
3 x Cotton Fabric SRK Violet, Bars
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Butterfly
5 x Endless zip #3 white
1 x Mending needle (610 960)
3 x Cotton fabric KD Steel, Dots
1 x Chenille, gold
1 x Cotton fabric SB White, Grey Flowers
1 x Turning set (610 190)
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Small Dots
3 x Gift coupon 20 €
2 x Cotton fabric OA Poppins, Raspberry
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Pink, Small Dots
1 x Needle set for common use
1 x Rick Rack, dark green
3 x Course gift coupon
2 x Vliesofix® - Double-sided adhesive fleece
1 x Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 31,5 x 31,5cm (611 319)
3 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Cyan
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, White snowflakes
2 x Pillowcase, Sun in the Flower Pot
3 x Flex frame (615 176)
1 x Left Handed Dressmaking Shears 210mm / 8inch (N5210L)
4 x Tea Cozy - Orange and Green
3 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Snowflakes I.
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Garden of Paradise
2 x Tea Cozy - Green
1 x Cotton fabric CZL English Tapestry
3 x Jingle Bell gold 8mm
1 x Button, Numeral 5 white
1 x Cotton fabric KD Green, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Sky, Roses
1 x Freezer Paper Prym (610 466)
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Yellow Rose
3 x Cotton fabric OAP Green Parsley
2 x Corner and edge shaper, Prym Love (610 192)
1 x Tape measure Prym Love (282 714)
1 x A thread for hand quilting 0956
1 x Cartridge Pencil Lead Refill 0,9mm (610 842)
2 x Ivory Ribbon Bow with Beads
1 x Egg Basket - Red
1 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Medium Lilac
2 x Cotton fabric CZL Violet Canvas
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Brown, Branch
5 x Cotton Fabric Christmas OAP Red, Stardust
2 x Pillowcase, Spring Flowers
2 x A thread for hand quilting 4507
3 x Pillowcase, Grandmother's Garden I.
2 x Tea Cozy - Rose
2 x SASHICO Needles (2007)
2 x Christmas-tree, Origami 5
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lila, Circles
1 x Pillow, white
2 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Light Grey, Christmas Trees
2 x Plastic Beads, Red 10mm
1 x Snap Hook 35mm, Brass
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Red, Stars
3 x Cotton fabric OAP Black, Daisy
3 x Cotton fabric KD Roses
1 x Cotton fabric OA Rose Canvas
2 x Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 15 x 15cm (611 306)
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Orange, Daisy
4 x Teddy Bear, Christmas, Textile Toy
3 x Cotton fabric OAP Lime, Leaves
2 x Cutting Mat for Patchwork 12 x 18inch (30 x 45cm) - (611 466)
3 x Ribbon 3mm, Light green
1 x Galloon 10mm, Red Flowers, Satin
1 x Cotton fabric OA Canvas, Color Dots
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Cream, Floral
2 x Endless zip #6 beige
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Lavander, Flowers
3 x Cotton fabric CZL Blue, Dots
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Lavander Canvas
2 x Teddy Bear, Nougat, Textile Toy
1 x Self-Threading Needles (2006)
1 x Cotton fabric OA Canvas, Red Hearts
1 x Cotton fabric KD Sashico
2 x A thread for hand quilting 2045
1 x Safe Nose for Toys 15mm
4 x Cotton fabric CZL Lemon, Dots
1 x A thread for hand quilting 3832
1 x Cotton fabric OA Lime Flora
1 x Snap Hook 35mm, Nickel
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Wine, Posy
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Turquoise, Fish Scales
2 x Cotton fabric SB White, Posy
1 x Cotton fabric SB Dark Green, Checky
1 x CHENILLE Needles No. 18 (234/18)
1 x Monofilament, brown
2 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Rose Circles
1 x Cotton fabric KD Blue, Floral
1 x Cotton fabric KD Pink, Poppy
1 x Glass-headed Pins Extra Long (10291550)
2 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Roll, Red and Cream
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami 15
1 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige Branches
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Cream, Herbal
1 x Embroidery Scissors 140mm extra fine (N3140S)
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Orange, Dots
1 x Gift coupon 30 €
1 x Cotton fabric KD Red, Small Dots
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Leaves
3 x Cotton fabric KD Red, Forget-me-not
1 x Cotton fabric SB Dark Green, Small Dots
1 x Natural Wool Roving, Moss Green, Clover 7922
1 x Snap Hook 10mm
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO yellow 0607
1 x Cotton fabric SB Dark Green, Dots
1 x Egg Basket - green
1 x Rick Rack, violet
1 x Organizer MULTI Prym Love (610 286)
1 x Cotton fabric SB Lilac, Checky
2 x Cotton fabric KD Green Checky
2 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Pepito
1 x Švadlenka No. 67
1 x Cotton fabric KD Green Canvas
1 x Christmas-tree, Origami 1
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac, Patchwork
1 x Safety Pins Curved (10713810)
1 x Button, Numeral 7 white
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Grey, Rice
1 x Cotton fabric OA Cream, Hearts
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OA Cream, Dots
1 x Template for Grandmother's Garden Patchwork
1 x Egg Basket - Yellow
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac, Checky
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Yellow, Rice
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO cream 3000
1 x Cotton fabric CZL Yellow, Stars
1 x Cotton Fabric - Fabric Pack TFQ071
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO white 2000
1 x Cotton fabric SB Cream, Roses
1 x Dotted Light Blue Ribbon Bow with Rose
1 x Cotton fabric KD Light Blue Canvas
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Kashmir
1 x Button, Tulip, Orange
1 x Cotton fabric KD Green Tea
1 x Sewing Thread ASPO black 4000
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Green, Marble
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