Cotton fabric uni OAP Cinnamon, Patchwork Hobby Art


Cotton fabric uni OAP Cinnamon

Cotton fabric suitable for patchwork. Unicolor fabric, dark cinnamon brown colour. Monochromatic fabric. If you need thematically corresponding cotton fabrics, please see our Fabric Packs offer.

100% Cotton. Width: 140cm.
Price per 10cm, i.e one unit.

If you want to order for example 50cm, add "5" to the shopping cart.

Minimal order amount is 3 units, i.e. 30cm.
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2 x Potholder, patchwork with embroidery - Yellow
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1 x Pillowcase, Sun in the Flower Pot
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Bear - Sand
5 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Small Dots
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Circles
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Sand, Leaves
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Irregular Grey and Sand Dots
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Patchwork
22 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Tiny Flowers, Light
23 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Tiny Flowers, Dark
23 x Cotton fabric CZL Beige Garden
25 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Dots
23 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Flowers, Dark
26 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Small Dots
18 x Cotton fabric KD Sand Canvas
23 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige Branches
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Posy
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Small Dots
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Pepito
23 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas
22 x Cotton fabric KD Rowanberry
26 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Beige dots
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Parsley
23 x Cotton fabric KD Sand, Flowers, Light
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige Stars
25 x Cotton fabric CZL Canvas, Post a Rose
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Checky
19 x Cotton fabric OAP Beige, Floral
16 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Snowflakes
5 x Cotton fabric UH White and Red
5 x Cotton fabric OA Deep Red, Floral - White
4 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Red Wine
7 x Cotton fabric uni OA Red
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Rice
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Bear - red
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Red Starlets
28 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red Christmas
28 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Embro Snowflakes
24 x Cotton Fabric Christmas CZL Red, Ornament
18 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Red Cornflower
31 x Cotton fabric Christmas KD Red, Hearts
18 x Cotton fabric CZL Stylized Flowers
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, White Snowflakes
26 x Cotton fabric KD Red Checky
28 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Dots
24 x Cotton Fabric Christmas OAP Red, Stardust
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Golden Snowflakes
26 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Mahonia
19 x Cotton fabric CZL Red, Stars
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, White Starlets
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Red, Little Baroque
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas SB Red, Stripes
24 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Snowflakes I.
23 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Red, Marble
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Country
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Canvas, Wallpaper
7 x Cotton fabric OAP Red, Kashmir
5 x Cotton fabric OA Red Canvas
15 x Cotton fabric KD Red, Small Dots
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Cream, Stars
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL Cream, Poinsettia
1 x Cotton fabric KD Steel Dots on White
1 x Cotton fabric Christmas CZL White, Mahonia
13 x Cotton fabric CZL Violet Canvas
11 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Violet
13 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Medium Lilac
13 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac, Patchwork
13 x Cotton fabric CZL Lavander Canvas
11 x Cotton fabric OAP Lavander, Dots
11 x Cotton fabric CZL Violet, Stars
13 x Cotton fabric OAP Lila, Circles
13 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Violet Garden
13 x Cotton fabric CZL Lavander, Flowers
24 x Cotton fabric KD Pink Poppy on White
1 x Flower Head Pins Fine ø 0,45mm (2510)
2 x Glass-headed Pins Extra Long (10291550)
4 x Cotton fabric SB White, Posy
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Powder Starlets
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Rose Circles
4 x Cotton fabric SB Pink, Checky
4 x Cotton fabric uni CZL Deep Rose
31 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Pepito
31 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Dots
31 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Circles on White
31 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Butterflies
28 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Forget-me-not
31 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Garden on White
18 x Cotton fabric OAP Magenta, Rice
21 x Cotton fabric OAP Lilac Retro
24 x Cotton fabric CZL Old Rose, Meadow
23 x Cotton fabric OAP Cashmere
19 x Cotton fabric OAP Old Rose, Bows
28 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Flowers on White
26 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose
23 x Cotton fabric Checky - pink
19 x Cotton fabric OAP Powder pink, Flowery
19 x Cotton fabric OAP Pink, Posy
26 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose, Wallpaper
28 x Cotton fabric KD Old Rose Canvas
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Powder, Starlets
8 x Cotton fabric OAP Vintage, Floral, Rose
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Rose, Circles
4 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Pink Flora
7 x Cotton fabric SB Cream, Roses
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - pink
1 x Cotton Fabric SRK Sultan Flower - blue
1 x Dressmaking Shears 210mm, Blue (V5210B)
5 x Cotton Fabric SRK White, green circles
5 x Cotton fabric SRK Lime, Blue Floral Mesh
14 x Cotton fabric KD Green, Flowers
1 x Cotton fabric KD Light Blue Hearts
1 x Cotton fabric OAP White, Tiny Red Flowers
16 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green Christmas
4 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Dark Green
4 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Olive
12 x Cotton fabric KD Green Tea
14 x Cotton fabric CZL White, Lime Flowers
12 x Cotton fabric KD Spring Meadow
12 x Cotton fabric KD Green Checky
18 x Cotton fabric Christmas OAP Green, Golden Snowflakes
15 x Cotton fabric Christmas OA Green, Dots
10 x Cotton fabric OA Green, Leaves
13 x Cotton fabric OAP Limet, Flower Garden
13 x Cotton fabric OAP Petrol, Starlets
10 x Cotton fabric OAP Lime, Leaves
10 x Cotton fabric OAP Green, Dots
12 x Cotton fabric OAP Herbarium
13 x Cotton fabric KD Green, Dots
10 x Cotton fabric OAP Limet, Flowers
4 x Cotton fabric OAP Yellow and Grey Roses
4 x Cotton fabric uni OAP Green
4 x Cotton Fabric SRK Geometric - green
1 x Endless zip #3 olive green 295
1 x Cotton fabric OAP Cream, White Cornflower
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